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Multiple Payment Gateways

Ability to receive payment with PayPal, Amazon Payment Services, Google Checkout, etc.

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    Luke Catlin shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Rohan commented  · 

        The only thing holding me back is integration with Google Checkout and the lack of automatic late fees on invoices.

      • John commented  · 

        Would like to see Authorize.net

      • dparekh commented  · 

        This is one reason why I went with another competition that was less in features, but has the ability to use my merchant account with PSI Gate and Global Payments...it really helps with my invoicing and account receivable.

      • Mark Ericson commented  · 

        It would be great to use WorkingPoint as a virtual terminal for my payment gateway! PayPal integration works nicely, but I also have a virtual terminal / payment gateway for direct credit-card transactions. Would be ideal if I didn't have to leave WorkingPoint to accept payment on an invoice.

      • AdminWorkingPoint (Admin, WorkingPoint) commented  · 

        Thanks for inquiring about this feature. This is on our roadmap but we are currently working on other features at this time including purchase orders and permission levels. Once these are finished, we will be starting on new features. Check out the WP Labs page in your account to see what is coming up next and we'll also update our forum here when we start on new features and when they are finished.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Has there been any progress on this?
        Is it reasonable to expect WorkingPoint to add ability to take payments through Authorize.net?
        If so, when?

      • Carlo Emami commented  · 

        Integration with Square (squareup.com) would be great. This is a very affordable credit card processing (including swipe in person with the free reader they will give you for your smartphone). It's ideal for a small business owner, particularly if you take payments on location from customer credit cards. Integration would save a lot of time.

      • ckelsoe commented  · 

        Is there any progress on this?

      • david chan commented  · 

        authorize.net is the way to go too

      • Alan Mills commented  · 

        Ralph - sometimes those bank accounts group the deposits to checking account, so it is impossible to track individual payments against invoices. It would also be convenient if WorkingPoint could provide a 'virtual terminal' interface for credit card transactions that could work with multiple gateways.

      • Ralph Freshour commented  · 

        I don't understand why you would want this? You have your income being deposited into your checking account from what ever payment gateway you are using, so the income shows up as a transaction in your checking account. You can create an Account for that specific income to track it, so why do you need to connect to a specific gateway?

      • Matt Satorius commented  · 

        Yup, without Authorize.net, there's no way I can switch to this from my current service...as much as I'd like to.

      • Tim commented  · 

        Integration with 2Checkout.com would be great, too.

      • southlandgraphics commented  · 

        We really need Google Checkout and PayPal Payments Pro integration!

      • LexisCoatings.com commented  · 

        PayPal integration should include Website Payments Pro and not just Paypal Payments

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